Hey everybody, it’s Jason here! Have you ever felt the need to achieve something BIG and leave your mark on the world and you didn’t know where to start?

Maybe it’s writing a book, taking a long vacation, starting a business or even just spending more time with your kids while they’re young?

Well, you know what? This is a HUGE problem for many others in America right now. If you feel like this, you’re not alone.

What typically happens is that we put our dreams on the shelf for later “until we have more time” or “for after retirement” or “once it gets slower at work.”

In fact, this is the EXACT problem I was facing a few years ago.

The truth is, is that ‘someday’ is not a day on the calendar. And this can lead to a lot of dissatisfaction now and especially later in life. It can also affect our work performance and family life.

What’s the solution? Well it can be insanely simple if you know what you really want. Or, if you have a way to see the ‘promised land’ and work your way backwards to get there.

Sometimes we just need to know it’s ok to take the risk and punch the fear that’s holding us back in the face.

How would it feel to be able to accomplish your BIG goals? Spend more time with your kids? Give back to your community? Leave a legacy that would be around long after you were gone?

The name of the game is taking deliberate actions, every day, so that we are consistently making long term progress towards what’s most important to us in our heart’s core. So, imagine what your life would be like if everyday you woke up doing exactly what you wanted to do when you wanted to do it?

If you’ve never considered what your perfect life would look like, start with these questions:

I want you to imagine you are financially secure. That you have enough money to take care of your needs, now and in the future. The questions is, how would you live your life? What would you do with the money? Would you change anything?

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